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Zacynthus - Zante - The Flower of Levante (East)

Mythology & History

Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, after Kefalonia and Corfu. Favorite island of Apollo and Artemis (siblings and Gods of Olympus), according to ancient Greek mythology, and place of origin of the most known Ionian School poets* as was Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Calvos.Endowed with the largest natural harbor in the Western Greece, and with lush forests (coniferous trees, pine trees and wild plants), as well as large olive groves and fertile plains, Zakynthos experienced with the passage of history many aspiring conquerors.However, those who influenced the island architecturally and culturally the most were the Venetians, who dominated for over three centuries. Under their rule, Zakynthos became the Flower of Levante (the Flower of the East), and "Florence" of Greece.

Zakynthos Nowadays

In its modern history Zakynthos became a popular tourist destination, with thousands of tourists flocking to the island every holiday period from all over the world. So much so, to make the economy of the island depending mostly (75%) on the tertiary sector -on tourism in this case. Among the distinguished visitors are also included many bird species, and the loggerhead turtle, which also find their “vacation shelter” here. This Ionian island has not become a favorite tourist destination for visitors from around the world, by chance. Here you can find an ideal place for vacation with accommodations of all types and for all needs. For holiday apartments in Zakynthos, San Giorgio Maisonettes is at your fingertips.

Climate & Morphology of Zakynthos Island

There are 46 villages in the island, with more than half of them being coastal. The morphology of the island is impressive as it is characterized by coves, cliffs and sea caves. The climate is quite a Mediterranean one, with an average annual temperature of around 19°C. Summers are cool and winters are mild rainy.Besides the two large mountains and the two lakes, the island has also the largest and most fertile plain of the Ionian Islands. The climate favors the development of special crops, such as the Zacynthian melon, the Zacynthian water onion and the Corinthian raisin.

The island is home to many historical sites. It has a long musical tradition and is famous for its serenades and alleyways. It celebrates religious festivals with its own unique way and it produces fine wine, oil cheese and traditional cakes.


*Ionian School was named the literary production of the Ionian Islands during the period between 1792 and 1869.

Laganas beach

Laganas beach is sandy, warm and spreads over a radius of nine (!) kilometers. The water of the sea is turquoise and shallow with perfect temperature. You get to “share” it with the loggerhead turtle and her hatchlings, that's why water sports and evening walks on the beach...  are not allowed. 

Local tourist boats can show you around the beautiful beaches where you can enjoy swimming or diving. On the way, you can admire the sea turtles in their natural world, while they swim, through a transparent surface on the floor of the boat.

Laganas Zakynthos

Laganas was once a traditional island village, where people used to carry water with clay pots, the so-called laginia, from where it got its name. For many years now, it is a modern tourist resort, the largest and the most popular of the island.Tourists from around the world flock to Laganas -the jewel of Zakynthos- each holiday period, from early May. The special climate of the island also attracts many bird species and the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), which chooses Laganas to lay its eggs! 

Laganas is also the name of the beach and the bay or the region (Laganas Bay), which is found between two capes, Marathias from the western and Gerakas from the eastern. Guests can have access to the neighboring islands and their beaches with local tourist boats. Local community of Laganas has all the infrastructure that you may need for eating, drinking and shopping. Taverns and restaurants with local cuisine, and cuisines from around the world; clubs, bars and traditional taverns. Supermarkets, small markets, bakeries, pastry shops, gift shops and shops for clothing and footwear.

There are many tourist accommodations around here, but less fewer two-storey houses, especially so close to the center of the region. For this, San Giorgos Maisonettes is ideal for those looking for spacious duplex apartments in Laganas that can accommodate 4-8 people.